Sengen Shrine

Sengen Shrine Deity

Tamagawa Sengen Shrine’s deity is Konohanasakuyahimenomikoto and she exemplifies a beautiful woman who is just like a cherry tree in full blossom. She is the daughter of Oyamazuminomikoto, the protector of mountains. Sengen Shrine has three crests, and at the center of those crests is sakura (cherry tree) to honor Konohanasakuyahimenomikoto.

She married Niniginomikoto, the grandson of Amaterasuomikami. When they conceived their first child, there was doubt that Niniginomikoto was the real father. To prove that he was, she stayed in a room with no doors or windows until she gave birth. When she went into labor, Niniginomikoto set her room on fire as he believed that if she were to give birth to his child, she would be able to safely deliver the child in any circumstance. She safely gave birth to a boy in the blaze, and later had two more sons. As Konohanasakuyahimenomikoto gave birth inside a burning room, she is identified as the deity of “family happiness, “and “easy childbirth.” She is also symbolized as the guardian deity of fire protection, easy childbirth, navigation, the fishing and farming industries, and weaving.

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