Sengen Shrine

Shrine Visit Instructions

1. Bow before passing through the shrine gates.
  *Clear your mind, body, and spirit before passing through.

2. Purify yourself with water from the temizuya (water filled basin)
  “Temizu wo toru” translates to purify your body and mind.

Temizu Instructions
1) Use the hishaku (wooden dipper) to pour water on your left hand.
2) Then pour water on your right hand.
3)  Pour water into your left palm and then rinse your mouth.   
    * Please don’t drink the water!
4)  Pour water onto your left hand one more time.
5)  Please allow water to run back down the handle and place the hishaku back on the basin facing down.

3.Walk down the shrine path to the main shrine.
   *The center line is where gods and goddesses pass through, so please avoid walking down the middle.

4. Move towards the monetary donation box and bow once. You may place donations into the box.

5. Bow twice, clap twice, and bow one more time in front of the inner shrine.
Bow twice・・・Bow deeply two times
Clap twice・・・Keep your hands in front of your chest. Then open up your hands to shoulder-width and clap twice
Keep your hands in front of your chest and pray

Bow once・・・Bow deeply one more time to finish

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