Sengen Shrine


Shrine Crests
In ancient times, there were three shrines located in Shimonumabe Village; Sengen Shrine, Akagi Shrine, and Kumano Shrine. In 1907, the Meiji Government enacted an ordinance which states that only one shrine would be designated per village. Sengen Shrine was therefore designated as the shrine of Shimonumabe Village. 

●Akagi Shrine Crest: Hidari Mitsudomoe
*A common design in Japanese family crests that represents mind, body and spirit.
Enshrined Deity: Izanaginomikoto and Kukurihimenomikoto

●Sengen Shrine Crest: Cherry Tree
Enshrined Deity: Konohanasakuyahimenomikoto

●Kumano Shrine Crest: Yatanokarasu
*Yatanokarasu is a legendary crow with three legs and is believed to be a messenger from heaven.

Enshrined Deity: Izanaminomikoto, Hayatamanoonomikoto, and Kotosakanoonomikoto

Sengen Shrine Beliefs
From ancient times, mountains have been identified as sacred places where various gods and goddesses live.
The spirit of Konohanasakuyahimenomikoto is enshrined at Mt. Fuji and pilgrims usually chant “Rokkonshojo” during

their ascent. Based on the Sengen Beliefs which honor Mt. Fuji, there are many believers that flock to the various Sengen Shrines located around Japan.

The Fujiko Association
Fujiko is an association that believes in the Sengen Beliefs.
There is a stone monument of Jikigyo Miroku, the leader of the Fujiko Association, inside Sengen Shrine.
The words that has been engraved in the monument were by Katsu Kaishu.


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